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    We can enhance your features for that stunning appearance.

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  • Areola Reconstruction

    Breasthetics: a non-surgical technique that restores areola(es) and nipples for patients that have undergone mastectomy.

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Our Services Overview


We can help you get the proper eyebrow look you are after.


Whether you are young or old, you can enhance your eyes’ appearance and not have to worry about putting on eyeliner every day.


Luscious lips can be achieved with our process. You can choose to have a lip liner, full lip color (lip blush), and fuller upper lip.

Areola Reconstruction

Our procedure all is based on the customer’s preferences with regards to the areolar circumference and its color, the main objective being to reproduce the appearance of the nipple and bring it as close as possible to its original appearance.

Aesthetic Tattooing

Our specialized techniques of aesthetic tattooing allow for the correction of asymmetrical eyebrows, eyelid edges (eyeliner), or lips (cleft lip), whether this asymmetry is from birth, the result of an accident, or reconstruction following surgery.

Scar Camouflage

Have a scar from a tummy tuck or breast surgery? You may have had a scar from plastic surgery? We can help you to mask these imperfections by blending the scar with the surrounding skin. The process will allow you to express yourself without seeing that imperfection any longer as it will be virtually invisible.


I was in the area for a haircut and was so pleasantly surprised when I found Carmen Maria’s studio next door. I suffered and injury to my eyebrow about a year and a half ago and after speaking to Carmen for just a few minutes I’m convinced that she can make my eyebrows whole again! I am so excited to book my appointment, and picture of the finished product will follow this review for sure! Thank you Carmen- I can’t wait to start this process

I had been researching and looking for permanent colored eyeliner for several years. No one seems to do color just black. Then I discovered Carmen. She is a professional and knows her stuff. She did my eyeliner teal and it looks fabulous, so then I also had my lips tattooed. I’m very impressed by the results and I highly recommend getting colored eyeliner by Carmen. Remember you can always cover up a color with black or brown pencil giving you several eyeliner options. Spread the word Designer Permanent Makeup is the place to get all your permanent makeup. Thanks Carmen!

I was referred to Designer Permanent Makeup by a Plastic Surgeon in Scottsdale to go see their site for breast tattooing as I am a Breast cancer survivor. I found Carmen who is very delightful and sweet as she explained everything for my breast restoration. I was so happy with the results I decided to get my eyebrows my eyeliner and lips done. Go see their site there is a TV segment on Sonoran Living as she explains everything in details about Permanent Makeup and breast restoration thank you Carmen I’m very happy with my results.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Carmen of Designer Permanent Makeup since she opened her business here in Scottsdale. I know Carmen personally, have seen her work, and have heard directly from her clients their raving reviews. Those who have discerning taste, who are looking for a clean, professional environment, and those who want only the best performing service on them will find their expectations not only met but truly exceeded by working with Carmen and DPM.

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Look to Schedule an Appointment and Get Started Today! Tap to Call or Text Us at (602) 544-9911